Steinsdorfer Technology has decades of experience, tried-and-tested process expertise and a high degree of specialization in numerous sectors, which enable it to offer compact solutions that are distinguished by optimum cost efficiency and the highest quality. Consulting, engineering, sales, production, assembly and the operation of waste water treatment plants are just some of the services provided by this global company.


Steinsdorfer Technology offers tailor-made service packages specific to the customer’s needs of waste water treatment. These include engineering and economic analysis and the operation assistance of treatment plants, industrial pre-treatment plants and sludge treatment systems.

We also support our customers with comprehensive consultation services, such as for optimizing the operation of new or existing plants, for optimizing energy consumption or upgrade of plans, for instance.

Steinsdorfer Technology offers practical and customer-specific optimization methods that include the following benefits:

  • Reduced quantities of coagulation agents and flocculants
  • Increased sludge concentrations
  • Improved separation and reduction rates
  • Energy savings
  • Increased cleaning and maintenance intervals
  • Management and handling of waste and reject streams

Process and operation optimization

Operating and maintenance costs are the greatest cost factors, of a water treatment plant which may often add up to 30 times as much as the plant investment over the operating lifetime. For that reason, optimal process and operation flows are indispensable for treating water as cost-effectively as possible. We support you in treating your water effectively while being conscious of cost.


In the field of industrial waste water treatment, Steinsdorfer Technology produces designs using engineering and managerial expertise with a wide range of service levels. Industrial treatment plants, industrial pre-treatment plants and sludge treatment systems are just some of the principal areas in which we can offer cost-effective solutions.

Practical planning/solutions

Steinsdorfer Technology’s greatest strength lies in developing, planning and implementing practical and applicable/implementable solutions. Keeping in consideration the operators, authorities, local conditions and the economic aspect is one of the secrets to successfully creating the most effective system solution possible. We offer a complete service package that contains all of this and puts it into practice.

Sales, production and assembly

We develop, designs and produces high-quality machinery and plant technology for the treatment of municipal and industrial water and waste water. The company enjoys success across the world with its products “Made in Germany”.

The engineers and application specialists at Steinsdorfer Technology create tailor-made solutions for any project, which are characterized by low environmental impact and high energy-efficiency. This excellent quality is made possible by our employees’ knowledge and application expertise, which directly influences the development, production, assembly and commissioning of the treatment technologies.

Our assembly team

The Steinsdorfer Technology assembly team is experienced in waste water technology and is highly qualified, enabling it to manage processes and logistical tasks quickly and easily. The execution of works on site requires experience and a high degree of quality awareness, which we offer to the fullest. Our assembly teams are flexible and equipped with all the essentials to fulfil their tasks on site.


Steinsdorfer Technology takes over the operational management of existing industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. We can take responsibility for the procedural and commercial aspects of operating the waste water treatment plant on request.

Our customers benefit over the long term from the Company’s extensive expertise: We offer its partners a wide range of consultancy services in relation to new technological developments, investments such as renovation or expansion of plants but also optimization of operations and processes, plus much more.