Our many years of experience in industrial and municipal waste water technology are what makes us to your reliable and competent partner for almost all applications and tasks. The high level of technical specialization and diversified competency of Steinsdorfer Technology have been proven in numerous reference projects and plants world wide.

Dairies and milk industries

Significant quantities of water are used in the processing of milk, mostly for cleaning the process equipment and the milk transport vehicles. The waste water treatment plants in dairies must be able to process those large quantities, and typically with peak loads and changing ingredients, according to the operating process in the milk processing farms. 

The “milk waste water” is contaminated with cleaning agents, solids and organic substances such as fats, proteins, etc. The waste water pre-treatment process provided by us has been used successfully in dairies and creameries around the world. The Steinsdorfer Technology concept offers the optimum reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of dairy farms.

The high-performance dissolved air flotation plant from us eliminates most of the incoming COD load in combination with a chemical stage, significantly reducing the pollution load on to subsequent aerobic biological treatment and therefore significantly improving the entire energy balance of the overall treatment concept.

Slaughterhouses and meat processing

The meat, poultry and fish processing industry and slaughterhouses require large quantities of water. A huge amount of water accumulates during cleaning and disinfection work, which is heavily contaminated with blood, dissolved protein, fat, straw, sawdust and residues of animal excrement.

We offer suitable processes for the pre-treatment of waste water in order to safely separate waste loads that have become incorporated in waste water, before they can be safely discharged to municipal waste water treatment plants.

The high-performance dissolved air flotation systems from us safely treats the waste water from meat processing and reduces the concentration of substances that it contains, such as blood, proteins and fats, to allow the waste water to be safely indirectly discharged to municipal waste water treatment plants (sewer system).

Cosmetic industry

Waste water generated in the cosmetic industry sometimes presents the most demanding and challenging task for water treatment. It is not only the waste water itself, but also the demands and requirements of clients in the cosmetic industry, that require special, comprehensive levels of safety and standards.

Steinsdorfer Technology is specialized in this sector and its product range fulfil the demanding tasks and particularities, such as surfactant and fat reduction, that are specific to the cosmetic industry.

Tannery and leather production

Waste water from tanneries and leather production is a cocktail of production chemicals and organic substances from the raw leather material and processing. A wide range of production stages generate large quantities of waste water which is heavily contaminated with dissolved protein, heavy metals, phosphates, fat, fibres and other chemical additives.

We offer suitable processes for the pre-treatment and advanced treatment technologies of waste water, in order to clean and decontaminate the waste water.

Pulp and paper industry

The entire product portfolio of Steinsdorfer Technology also finds its application in the pulp and paper industry. The extremely robust and reliable construction of our entire machine and plant technology is not only valued in Germany but also worldwide.

Our solutions have proven themselves on water and wastewater treatment plants of all sizes.

We offer robust and reliable products and solutions for:

  • Scrapers for primary, secondary and final clarifiers
  • Storage and dosage systems for coagulation and flocculation
  • Phosphate removal/elimination
  • Sludge dewatering technology
  • Flotation and sedimentation plants for advanced treatment