Steinsdorfer Technology is a global company with headquarter in Gondelsheim, Germany. By working closely with our clients locally, our agility and consultation processes, we can offer the highest level of reliability and functionality. We are your partner for effective and innovative solutions for water and waste water treatment. We develop, design and produce high-quality plants and systems which are tailor-made to the requirements of each individual client.


Quality – Innovation – Growth

Tailor-made machines and system solutions and services form our core area of competency.

We supply state-of-the-art products in the field of water and waste water technology, with the main focus on chemical/physical pre-treatment using dissolved air flotation technology, as well as equipment for primary, secondary and final clarifiers such as rotating scraper bridges and sludge treatment solutions.

Two development and production sites in Germany ensure flexible, high-quality manufacturing. With five sales and services offices, we ensure that we can easily and fast reach our customers.

We constantly continue developing our technology together with our customers and partners in order to guarantee the very highest level of customer satisfaction and sustainability.


In the interests of our customers, our tailor-made products combine the most stringent requirements in terms of environmental protection and certified quality with optimum reliability, sustainable costs and energy efficiency.

Economy and ecology

Production safety and environmental protection are key factors in the development of our solutions. Quality and customer satisfaction are just as important to us as the development of ecologically worthwhile measures to protect our water resources.

Reliability and energy efficiency

We are a leading specialist in environmentally friendly, forward-looking water and waste water systems. We implement tailor-made solutions for any project, which distinguish themselves through their high levels of energy-efficiency, reliability and durability.

Tailor-made solutions through teamwork

Synergies with added value: combined expertise in the fields of production, materials and water technology guarantee tailor-made solutions to suit your individual requirements. Working together with our trusted network of highly-specialised partners, we can implement systems for you that incorporate unbeatable reliability and a high market value.